Canadian Painting Leanne M Christie Port Mann Bridge and Surrey
Passing from then into now. 72" x 64"
Christie oil painting of Vancouver Viaduct from Death Mask series of paintings
Course Correction. 48" x 132"
The reason I paint the urban is simple.
When I paint the streets
I am painting you
Original oil painting of urban landscape with city by artist Leanne M Christie
Templeton and Franklin. 48" x 60"
Canadian urban landscape Leanne M Christie
Changing Tides. 90" x 66"
Christie Painting of Urban Landscape with street
Accelerating Into Today. 48" x 60"
You grew up here. This is the corner where you tested your freedom and wandered further than you had before. This is the road where your grandmother bought you your first ice coffee.
This is where the car pulled over because your sisters were driving you crazy in the back seat. This is where your best friend thought it would be funny to ring and run. This is the main street where your grandparents met and decided that the other was not too bad. This is where your dad taught you to drive and your mom bravely allowed you to practice on her.
landscape painting of urban viewed from a height by painter leanne christie
Across Port Moody. 72" x 60"
Leanne M Christie first painting of the Vancouver Viaducts
Complexity. 84" x 60"
This is where we grew up and all of these streets, these corners and these places are the fabric of our memories. They bear witness’ as the opaque veil of time slowly descends. The people who shaped us, those that taught us, the ones we loved, these places are the testimony that they were here.
I paint the city for the grand reason that this is who we are. The familiar corner, the familiar spaces trigger the moments that exist now only in our minds.
Leanne M Christie oil painting under viaduct
The Plaza. 60" x 60"
Christie original urban oil painting in alley
A Landscape Compressed in Time. 60" x 60"
What happens when these catalysts are lost?  Do you remember when you don’t have a reason to remember. If you are the only holder of the vivid images, smells and feelings and you loose what activates these, did any of it exist? was any of it important?

I paint the city because it bears witness

Oil painting of Vancouver Viaducts from artist Leanne M Christie
49°16'36"7 N 123°05'50"7 W. 60" x 60"
Moody oil painting with clouds and street by painter leanne m christie
After the moment of recollection. 48" x 60"
I paint the city because it is not static, it is rich and evolving and it strives to be everything to everyone and in the process, places are lost.
The catalysts of activation are lost when the physical spaces change. Your bearings are confused and you pass through space with nothing familiar to hit play until your confusion passes and you find yourself forgetting to remember.
Christie original oil painting of urban station with hi rise and cyclist
The Lovely reassurance of routine. 36" x 48"
Canadian urban street painting with traffic
The comforting chaos off Cambie. 24" x 24"

I paint the city because I bear witness to the witness.

Leanne M Christie painting of Vancouver's China Town
The Fold In Time. 36" x 36"
Urban street oil painting South African painter Leanne M Christie
Granville Street at the start of October. 30" x 48"
Original oil painting of Mount Baker by Canadian artist
Mount Baker from the Crunch. 30" x 48"
Leanne M Christie Vancouver Viaducts urban
The Divide. 30" x 48"
Leanne M Christie original urban oil painting of street in ChinaTown
Monday Afternoon in Late Winter. 36" x 48"
Leanne M Christie painting of street with traffic and sunset
Friday Nights in Summer. 30" x 48"
Leanne M Christie painting of busy Urban street with buildings and mountain
Cambie Street North. 60" x 72"
Busy Urban Lansdcape by Leanne M Christie
In Motion East. 24" x 24"
Leanne M Christie oil painting of mountains and street with Cherry Blossoms
Invigorated by Spring. 30" x 48"
Leanne M Christie large painting of Highway
Free Flow. 60" x 72"
Cityscape oil painting LeanneMChristie
Studio Bound. 60" x 60"
Oil painting of quiet alley with Cables and Mountain
East from Point Grey. 30" x 30"
Urban oil painting by Leanne M Christie
7pm Waiting for the 95. 36" x 48"
Leanne M Christie urban oil painting cherry blossoms and Ports
Station. 30" x 48"
Neighbourhood streets scene painting by Leanne M Christie
South Before Boundry. 24" x 24"
Oil painting of alley way by Leanne M Christie
Secret Spaces. 36" x 36"
Oil painting of urban street old and new by Leanne M Christie
Mid week on Powell Street. 30" x 48"
Leanne M Christie oil painting of street and mountains
Even as the World gets Bigger. 24" x 24"
Leanne M Christie painting of Summer trees and the Vancouver Ports
Beneath the Summer Blossoms. 30" x 40"
City street scene with bus and traffic by leanne m christie
Balmoral Hotel. 30" x 48"
Original large oil painting of road and skytrain station Leanne M Christie artist
The Overpass. 60" x 72"
Leanne M Christie painting with the Vancouver Viaducts
You are now Entering the Historic. 72" x 60"
Oil painting by artist Leanne M Christie of neighbourhood street with city in the distance
Meandering Along Ash Street. 40" x 40"
Leanne M Christie street scene oil painting with person crossing the street
North on St George. 48" x 48"
Leanne M Christie atmospheric painting of street in the early morning
Morning arrives gently. 30" x 40"
Oil painter Leanne M Christie oil painting of railway yard
Heightened. 30" x 40"
Oil painting of city and streets from a distance by Leanne M Christie
Late Morning Burnaby Heights. 60" x 60"