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Renting and purchasing is available to everyone.

landscape painting of urban viewed from a height by painter leanne christie
Across Port Moody. 72" x 60"

The background video for the painting "Across Port Moody"

Oil painting of city and streets from a distance by Leanne M Christie
Late Morning Burnaby Heights. 60" x 60"

The background video for the painting "Late morning Burnaby heights"

Leanne M Christie first painting of the Vancouver Viaducts
Complexity. 84" x 60"


The background video for the painting "Complexity"

Original oil painting of urban landscape with city by artist Leanne M Christie
Templeton and Franklin. 48" x 60"
Christie Painting of Urban Landscape with street
Accelerating Into Today. 48" x 60"
Christie oil painting of Vancouver Viaduct from Death Mask series of paintings
Course Correction. 48" x 132"
Leanne M Christie painting of busy Urban street with buildings and mountain
Cambie Street North. 60" x 72"
Christie original urban oil painting in alley
A Landscape Compressed in Time. 60" x 60"
Leanne M Christie large painting of Highway
Free Flow. 60" x 72"
Cityscape painted by Leanne M Christie
The close of summer. 30" x 40"
Oil painting by artist Leanne M Christie of neighbourhood street with city in the distance
Meandering Along Ash Street. 40" x 40"
Leanne M Christie atmospheric painting of street in the early morning
Morning arrives gently. 30" x 40"
Original oil painting of Mount Baker by Canadian artist
Mount Baker from the Crunch. 30" x 48"
Painting of water and mountains by painter Christie
Almost home. 30" x 48"
Leanne M Christie oil painting of mountains and street with Cherry Blossoms
Invigorated by Spring. 30" x 48"
Oil painting of the Delta Ports by oil painter leanne m christie
Delta Port. 44" x 60"
City painting with mountains and water by oil painter Christie
Never not new. 24" x 24"
Oil painting of the central pacific train station by leanne m christie
Central Pacific. 40" x 44"
Urban oil painting from high up of Viaducts
East from a Highrise. 30" x 48"
A rainy coastal scene painted by Leanne M Christie
The Solitude Of Morning. 24" x 24"
Leanne M Christie oil painting of sunrise market with people on street
Waiting on Sunrise. 24" x 24"
Cityscape from an overpass with train and road
The breaks between. 30" x 36"
Leanne M Christie early oil painting of city, water and mountains
Sliding into afternoon. 24" x 24"
Early urban oil painting by Leanne M Christie
Main And Cordova. Oil on canvas. 24" x 24"
Leanne M Christie evening painting of police officer in the middle of an urban street
Early evening Denman. 30" x 36"
Cherry Blossom painting by Leanne M Christie
Diving Deeper. 10" x 10"
Cherry Blossom oil painting with Burnaby in the background by urban oil painter leanne m christie
The Corner Detour. 10" x 10"
Leanne M Christie with the orange gantries and cherry blossoms
When Giants Sleep. 10" x 10"
Cherry blossom painting with trucks and cars by Painter leanne m christie
Tumbling through the streets of Vancouver. 10 "x 10"
Urban street painting with mountain by Leanne M Christie
Northwards towards Point Grey. 10" x 10"
Original oil painting of cityscape and street signage
The Subtle Distraction. 10" x 10"
Christie small oil painting of science world vancouver
Public Spaces. 10" x 10"
Original oil painting of Marine drive in North Vancouver by Leanne M Christie
The Main Drag. 10" x 10"

Art Rental & Sales is a not-for-profit business operated by the Vancouver Art Gallery. Since 1952, the program has promoted emerging and mid-career Canadian artists through the rental and sale of their artwork. All the artwork in the rental program is consigned by the artists who receive the majority of the fees collected. Remaining proceeds help fund programming at the Vancouver Art Gallery.

Visit the Art Rental & Sales Showroom on the main floor annex of the Vancouver Art Gallery. Entry is free to the general public. See Reception for access.

Please contact Isabella or Asia for more information on the above works:
Showroom: 604 662 4746

The showroom is open Monday – Friday, 10 – 5 or by appointment.  Rental is calculated based on the value of the work.  There is no maximum period but the minimum rental for an individual is 1 month, for a business it is 3 months and for film and TV it is 1 week. If you choose to add an artwork to your collection, three months of the rental value will be attributed to the purchase value.