You found another QR code. If it is your first time here, well done on scanning the code and uncovering this page!
I’m Leanne M Christie, Urban Oil Painter, and I like to leave these little notes for you throughout the Metro Vancouver area so that you can join me on the adventure of discovering the scenes that are translated into paintings. I usually wander around the city, taking photos and videos and when I am back in the studio, I look for that one moment that captures what it feels like to be a human, here, now. This is the general location for “Sunshine and Life” and your job now is to try to find the actual scene that you can see in the painting at the bottom of this page. Where you are now as you scanned the QR code is close, but you may need to move a little. The video gives you a hint.
When you find the scene, share it with me on Instagram. I am @leannemchristie and I love to see you out and about.
See you soon and keep your eyes on the prowl for the next code.

Leanne M Christie painting of a person walking on the grassy sidewalk of a street in North Vancouver. In the distance one can see the skyline of the city of Vancouver and the Burrard Inlet.
Sunshnie and life. 10" x 10" (25.4 cm x 25.4 cm) $525. AVAILABLE: ARTIST'S STUDIO


For your personal use. Bootlegs are digital files, the same files that Leanne M Christie has in her personal collection. The low-resolution images are used for digital use and the high-resolution may be used for print images.


Add the original 10″ x 10″ oil painting to your collection.