Hello Anne

Here they are! the 2 paintings which I would suit your idea and the space just under your window.

The first painting is a successful manipulation of Robson street quite close to your home. The gentle dip of the street was enhanced in the painting so that it takes the viewer and sweeps them into your beautiful view. It has worked very successfully as the areas in the far distance have a dreamy atmosphere which enhances the movement.

The second work has not photographed well as the work is still wet and although I was very happy with the first painting, I also wanted to offer you a work with a lesser sweep of the street and with more vigorous strokes as it offers a very different feel from the first painting.

I am very happy to bring both paintings to you, or you are welcome to pop by the studio to pick them up. My recommendation would be to live with them for 2 weeks so that you can get a feel for their presence in your home before making a final choice. The second piece needs about 2 weeks before she can safely be handled.

I look forward to hearing from you


A new oil painting by Leanne M Christie of Robson street, Vancouver, BC. The viewer is standing just off the side walk looking down the street which recedes into the distance. The street is lined with green trees and a crisp morning light
Seduced into the future. Emerging with the morning. 18" x 36" (45.72cm x 91.44cm)

‘Emerging with the morning’ was still wet while being photographed and as a result, the colours appear darker than they are and the right side of the work does not reflect the true colours which are more alive in the actual painting. I have unusually chosen to show this image as it demonstrates the angle of the street which is an important part of the commission idea. I will reshoot the image once the painting is dry but the photo is a good reflection of the work.

Leanne M Christie original oil painting of a street in China Town, Vancouver. The view is from the street itself and the street dominates the painting. Urban oil painting
Emerging with the morning. 18" x 36" (45.72cm x 91.44cm)