Change the intrinsic character

Adapt the function

Challenge preconception

Change the relationship


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to change the zone or zoning classification
assigned to (property)
for the purposes of land use

The Rezoned Collection platforms off the Rezoning Application signage installed to communicate to the community that a geographical area of the city is going to experience a fundamental shift in its character, identity, and usage that will impact the understanding of how the local citizens will interact and understand themselves.

Leanne M Chrisite initially started exploring this story by investigating the areas that were proposed for rezoning and has expanded the narrative to use the rezoning signage as a motif to tell a cultural, political, and societal story.

The Rezoned Collection’s lineage is Christie’s narrative paintings; characterized by their use of the elements of oil painting as the vehicles to communicate the story.


Concept video - 1:48

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Two Hundred and Seventy One tells a small story from the Covid-19 pandemic in British Columbia. The Vancouver Convention Centre, a tourist attraction, has traditionally been the location of important community gatherings for significant occasions, a portal for the sharing of ideas, and a space to celebrate community arts.

Two Hundred and Seventy One. 60" x 72"


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The News before the News tells a simplified story of the February 2020 protests and Port of Vancouver blockade in Vancouver, BC that took place in support of the Wet’suwet’ten traditional hereditary chiefs and their right to protect their unceded territory.

The Vancouver protests were front-page news in February 2020, in March the WHO declared the pandemic.

Rezoned Collection oil painting of the intersection of Clark and Hastings after protests
The News before the News. 60" x 72"


rezoned Collection oil painting of Hastings street at Main street
Rezone Hastings. 60" x 72"


Rezoned Collection painting of the rezoned Hendrix shrine building
Ode to Hendrix. 60" x 72"


Rezoned Collection of oil paintings with the Coquiltam Centre as the subject
Coquitlam Centre. 60" x 72"