50 Electronic Ave painting of the construction in Port moody, beginning
50 Electronic Ave. 48" x 60" (121.92cm x 152.4cm). $7,800
North Vancouver from Kitsilano oil painting Canadian Artist Leanne M Chrisite
Going Forward. 48" x 60"(121.92cm x 152.4cm) $7,800
Leanne M Christie urban oil painting with construction crane and high rises
Over the Bridge. 60" x 72" (152.4 cm x 182.88 cm ) $11,200
Leanne M Christie original oil painting of Vancouver
The Simmering of Time. 30" x 48" (76.2 cm x 101.6 cm) $4,500

From the REZONED Collection

Rezoned Collection of oil paintings with the Coquiltam Centre as the subject
Coquitlam Centre. 60" x 72" (152.4 cm x 182.88 cm) $11,200
Large oil painting composed of multiple images from the Covid -19 pandemic.
Two Hundred and Seventy One. 60" x 72" (152.4 cm x 182.88 cm) $11,200
A large painting from the 'Rezoned" Collection oil paintings. This painting has woven imagery of Hastings street at Main street and the Rezoning application sign.
Rezone Hastings. 60" x 72" (152.4 cm x 182.88 cm) $11,200
An oil painting of the Hendrix shrine building on Main street Vancouver.
Ode to Hendrix. 60" x 72" (152.4 cm x 182.88 cm) $11,200

The News before the news. 60″ x 72″ (See below)

I have included this painting but realize that the image itself is uncomfortable and it provokes conversation and attention that is not always appropriate in certain settings. I include it as it is simply part of the chain that was building around the Rezoned works and at the time that it was painted, I did not expect it to be as awkward as it is.

As you know, my work is an exploration of the city from the human perspective, and if anything, it is documentary in nature. This painting was completed just after the “Ode to Hendrix” work and I was enjoying the additional narrative that the tags on the Rezoning Application signs introduced into the paintings.

The Rezoning Application sign that was the foil for this piece had the tag “Fuck the RCMP” as the protests in support of the Wet’suwet’ten traditional hereditary chiefs and their right to protect their unceded territory, had just taken place at the entrance to the Port of Vancouver. The Vancouver protests were front-page news in February 2020, in March the WHO declared the pandemic.

Rezoned Collection oil painting of the intersection of Clark and Hastings after protests
The News before the News. 60" x 72" (152.4 cm x 182.88 cm) $11,200

Just out of interest … This is the most recent commission completed as a personal painting for the Mayor of the city of North Vancouver.

Urban oil painting that is a composite of 2 images that are woven together.
A City in Motion. 36" x 60" (91.44 cm x 152.40 cm)