August 23-26 (4 days, Mon-Thurs)     Fee $500

LEANNE M CHRISTIE ~ Your Paint has More to Say

About the workshop

Medium: oils

Levels: beginner with basic skills   to intermediate

Your drawing skills are advancing, you’ve a handle on perspective and composition and you ‘re coming to terms with colour but you’re still struggling to breath life into your painting. The more complicated your subject, the more terrified you are.  A little bit of Pareidolia may be what you need.

Your time with Leanne will focus on painting the complicated subject by allowing the brushstrokes to work for you.  Your new tools will give you confidence as we find the balance between giving enough but not too much information, on doing some of the work but not all of it, on determining the concept but not being slave to it, on thinking about the technical aspects but not being dictated by them.

Our goal is for you to experience more courage to reduce your control over the painting and to have a completed or almost completed urban landscape. This workshop is suitable for early to intermediate painters who have working knowledge of drawing, composition, concept, colour and perspective

Leanne specializes in oil paint and the workshop is conceived for oil painters but acrylic artists who are comfortable with the use of retarders and heavy body mediums are welcome to attend. Leanne’s specialization limits her technical advice on acrylics so please email ahead of the workshop if you plan to use acrylics.

Supplies list

Download the supplies list for the workshop.

About the artist

Urban oil painter Leanne M Christie has a reputation for complex paintings that are built with powerful brushwork and the sophisticated manipulation of her medium. She paints full time in her Vancouver studio and the unrehearsed transitory moments of the urban theatre provide the abundant source for her paintings. Christie’s work provokes participation by the viewer through her relentless harnessing of the communicative properties unique to oil painting.

On the web

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